Monday, July 30, 2018

pregnancies achieved through pantyliner use...testimony from a longrich chat room

Wao! Finally I have to gist you about my super Longrich products. I'm super excited too. Towards end of 2016 when I put to bed, a friend of mine came visiting; she had been eagerly waiting for a second baby for years but to no avail, I had just joined Longrich then but had heard others testimonies so I encouraged her to use the pantyliner.  She did and sold some for me. 
Months after I saw her with big tummy and she finally put to bed some months ago. 
During the time she was heavy, I decided to keep quiet and try helping another person who had confided in me. After explaining our products to her, I told her what to do, she did and she just put to bed this morning. I' ve been dancing because thru Longrich I have put a smile on someone. Longrich better life, better future.

fibroid out through pantyliner use

When your product speaks for itself ...

Good morning all, I  visited a former colleague of mine who put to bed 7 months ago........we got talking, I told her about our products.....she was very interested in the panty liner, so aside the gifts (Longrich gifts, I brought for baby, I gave her a pack of the panty liner. This was precisely on the 11th of May, 2018. She called me a week after '18th), she wanted to attend our seminars and on the 19th at the seminar, she registered. 

And,  gave  me this testimony.......she noticed a warm or burning feel in her stomach on the  fourth day of using the panty liner. She felt pressed, and because of the odd feeling, she decided to use her baby's potty, she was shocked when she saw 5 strange lumps. She got a stick, tried to separate the stuff to know what it was...... It was when she called her mother to observe it, that she was told that it was fibroid . And she noticed that her stomach that looked as though she had another baby on the way was now flat. 

I had to seek her permission to share this....those of you who were at the  Saturday's seminar two Saturday's ago would remember the lady with the baby that was crying. - Hannah

Friday, July 27, 2018

Longrich pantyliner and sanitary napkin

Oh yes! These two products, the Longrich pantyliner and sanitary napkin do a great job in addressing fertility issues.
Where there are no issues with the male partner and it has been established that the woman has blocked fallopian tubes, usage of the pantyliner has been known to unblock these tubes. The green anion strip on the liner is able to draw out the liquid in cases of hydrosalphynx and clear out the tubes. There have also been undiagnosed fertility issues that the anion strip has been known to positively address.

*For two months, use the Longrich sanitary pad for the duration of each menstrual period and then switch to daily use of Longrich pantyliner after the period.
*In the third month, stop usage of the pantyliner just before ovulation so as not to affect any possible conception as the pantyliner and pad are contraindicated in pregnancy  - NOT FOR USE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN AS ANION STRIP SO POWERFUL THAT IT MAY AFFECT THE PREGNANCY.

Where there are hormonal issues like irregular periods or tests reveal an imbalance, a combination of Longrich Berry oil and Mengqian is recommended. This combination in some cases will even restore ovulatory cycles to women who have been menopausal for some time.
*Properties of Berry oil:
-protects kidney from chemical damage
-suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular disease, menopause, menstrual pain, vaginal inflammation or exposure to chemicals.
*Properties of Mengqian:
-takes care of hormonal change caused by liver disease or use of oral contraceptives. It provides amino acids, mucopoly saccharides
-vit b and an array of minerals
-detoxifies the system, reduces stress and increases chances of pregnancy.

For low sperm count in men, Libao is available.
*Properties of Libao:
-improves sexual performance
-improves sperm count
-adjusting immunity and eliminating fatigue

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

how to join Longrich in Nigeria

*Minimum Longrich Entry Level (Starter Combo) in Nigeria costs N9,800 and each Registrant gets the following Longrich products:

2 Mosquito Repellant 
1 Toothpaste 
2 Body cream
1 Handcream


1 Calcium
1 White Tea Shampoo
2 Mosquito Repellant
1 Toothpaste

* Students and low income earners can register and upgrade later as they start earning.
* You earn N2,500 with each person you register with this package(before you upgrade) so you get your registration money back by the time you Register/Sponsor just 5 people. 
* It does not preclude you from later upgrading to VIP Status